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Ian Martinez

Tyga Play With Fire

Cannon School of Concord, NC continued their dominance as they expanded they doubled their first round lead to a 16 shot victory at the Tarheel Youth Golf Association's (TYGA) 15th NC Middle School Championship at Badin Inn GC in Badin, NC. Cannon was led by Narayan Mohan of Charlotte, NC who fired a second round two under par 68 to finish three under for the tournament. Mohan received help from 2014 TYGA Middle School girls' champion Amanda Sambach of Davidson, NC who finished her second round with a two over 72. Cannon finished the event with a two day total, four over par, 284. West Pine Middle of Pinehurst, NC finished in second place with 300 just one shot ahead of Charlotte Country Day of Charlotte, NC.

tyga play with fire

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Mohan, an eighth grader, continued his solid play from round to fire a 3 under par 68 to finish at 137, to win the boys' division by 11.Jackson Bode of Pinehurst, NC, Minor Hinson, III of Charlotte, NC, and Owen Kose of Holly Springs finished tied for second with a two day total of 148. In the girls' division, Sambach fired a two day total of 147 to win by 13 shots over Maria Atwood of Holly Springs, NC who finished with a total of 160.

Tyra is a Damage Champion with high damage and medium health but low mobility. Her skill set excels at area control and hunting down targets. Her Auto Rifle picks off enemies quickly with its high rate of fire and its Nade Launcher that lobs a grenade to finish them off. Tyra's Fire Bomb creates an area of fire that damages any enemies that stand in it (as well as herself). Hunter's Mark allows her to reveal one enemy and increase the damage they take from her primary weapon. Tyra's ultimate skill, Crossfire, dramatically increases her auto rifle's rate of fire and her movement while also granting unlimited ammo. This makes it ideal for a sudden attack; finishing a low health enemy; or turning fights around.

The final consummation of the passion between Tita and Pedro is both tragic and triumphant in that the light of Tita's inner fire is finally free to blaze, but only at the expense of her earthly life. It is perhaps only now that Tita's inner fire can truly burn, as she has, for the first time, made an active decision based on her desires, leaving behind the constricting confines of the cultural role into which she was forced throughout her life. Whereas Pedro goes toward the luminous tunnel uninitiated in the idea of the inner fire, Tita approaches with full knowledge that she is fulfilling her true desire. This divergence in their experience of their final erotic encounter contrasts with their previous affairs, in which Pedro was always the active, powerful subject, while Tita was the uninitiated, powerless object. Left alone in the world by Pedro's death, Tita makes the active choice to recreate and enter the tunnel. 350c69d7ab

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